Let’s grow business together.
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE (AGCS) and mgm technology partners are collaborating globally to provide Allianz’s preferred distribution partners with a state-of-the-art digital underwriting solution called MySmartGate. Our joint mission is to digitally connect with distribution partners within 3 months anywhere around the globe to grow business sustainably.

While AGCS offers its leading digitized product portfolio and global insurance expertise, the mgm insurance team provides its technology (Digital Collaboration Platform), eCommerce expertise and Data Center facilities, which is aligned with the data security requirements of Allianz.

MySmartGate offers customized standalone digital points of sales to distribution partners and/or technical interface (webservice) to integrate with the existing technology of the distribution partners. Once implemented, MySmartGate delivers great user experience and automation of the underwriting and sales, which includes submission management, premium calculation and offer/policy/invoice creation. Renewals can be executed online in a Fast-Track way.

All lines of Business can be offered in MySmartGate, in every country. During the course of 2017, the focus is to expand on the Financial Lines product offering while working towards further expanding our product portfolio and services, such as Claims.

1. What is it?

We offer you an online portal that is tailored to your needs, as it reflects our joint and unique pre-agreed underwriting framework. The workflow is designed to maximize delivery to your clients. We make it yours by using your corporate identity.


2. Is this the right solution for you?

AGCS Digital Underwriting Solutions have been developed to deliver greater efficiency and innovative services to our trusted distribution partners working with the AGCS Financial Lines in the mid-market segment.


3. Your benefit

  • Benefit from AGCS underwriting and product excellence, while reducing administrative and repetitive tasks
  • Optimize the placement of risks by speeding up and automating the underwriting process
  • Make decisions quicker and speak to an AGCS underwriter when necessary
  • Achieve significant efficiency gains and do more business in less time
  • Customize the web portal with your pre-agreed products, your corporate identity and your placement approach
  • Benefit from a streamlined referral process, which redirects you to your AGCS contact in a smooth way
  • Convert more business in less time and increase customer satisfaction, sustainably

4. What can the portal offer to you?

User-centric design makes your life easier:

  1. You take the first step and get in touch with us to assess your needs and understand the way you want to serve your clients
  2. We host an interactive workshop and start designing your customized web portal
  3. We deliver a proof-of-concept and proposal to seek your approval
  4. We showcase your web portal in prototypes to further validate and refine in order to meet your requirements
  5. We launch your customized web portal in less than 3 months from the start date

5. How can you Start?

How can you start using our AGCS Digital Underwriting Solutions?

  1. Get in contact with us to assess your needs and understand the way you want to serve your clients
  2. We host an interactive workshop whereafter we will start designing your customized web portal
  3. Proof of concept and proposal followed by your sign off
  4. Within the next weeks after the workshop we will show you prototypes to validate and refine your requirements
  5. We will be ready‎ to launch your customized web portal in less than 3 months from the start


For further queries, please contact us.

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE

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Intro Clip

Watch our video (2 min.) introducing MySmartGate and the benefits we have to offer.

MySmartGate at a Glance


(PDF, 1,3MB)


5 simple steps:

  • Assess and understand your needs
  • Interactive workshop
  • Proof of concept and Sign off
  • Functional prototype and testing
  • Launch

Ready in less than 3 months

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Potential Partners

Potential partners/channels:

  • Large international brokers
  • Domestic brokers
  • Broker aggregators
  • Associations
  • Clients
  • Fintech players
  • Banks
  • Other Allianz entities